We know how hard it is to stick to your diet when you’re out, so we devised our very own Zero Fat Menu so you don’t have to miss out! Our Thai head chef Noi has put together a menu bursting with flavour that will also help keep your waist in check. Choose from a range of zero fat starters and main courses that allow you to enjoy Thai food without losing any of its’ appeal. Prices start at €5.50 with mains all costing €11.00 making it a zero fat choice on your wallet also.

The dishes are mostly vegetarian using ingredients such as fresh mango, pumpkin, papaya, and pak choi.  We have combined them to create delicious fat free alternatives that are both extremely tasty and healthy. Traditional Thai herbs and seasonings are used including galangal, lime leaves and lemongrass which infuse the dishes with a delicious Thai flavour. Rather than compensate for fat, they add a unique Thai flavour that is synonymous with our cooking at Thai Garden.

The starters will certainly whet your appetite without making you wilt. The fresh mango spring rolls have a  taste that attests to the fact that we use the freshest of  ingredients. Mango, iceberg lettuce, fresh mint leaves, carrot and Thai herbs. There are also two delicious salads including a fresh papaya salad with Chinese leaves, herbs, long bean, carrot and peanut with tomato and dried shrimp. What’s not to love! A spicy and clear soup, Tom Yam Pak, allows you to savour one of Thailand’s traditional soups without counting your calories. Lemongrass, lime juice and galangal add a delicious sour twist to this otherwise spicy, clear soup. Get your taste buds at the ready!

 For mains, there is a choice of two mouth-watering curries. The Jungle Curry uses pumpkin, bamboo shoots, baby corn and cauliflower in a jungle curry stock (our secret ingredient). There is also a Clear Vegetable Curry with Chinese leaves, scallions, courgette, Dill and mushroom. Alternatively, you can try our Stir-Fry Pak Choi in a Yellow Bean sauce. All of the above are served with a brown rice.

Of course, if you’re feeling like you deserve a little treat while you’re out, you could try our Orange Sorbet without the cream!